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Saturday 20th July 2024

Resume Crafting

Resume Crafting

Guide students in creating resumes that effectively showcase their skills and align with their career goals. Learn to highlight your achievements and experiences.

Interview Prep Training

Job Search & Interview Prep

Equip students with essential job search strategies, interview preparation techniques, and networking skills to confidently pursue desired roles.

Career Development Coaching - Dr A Mujahid Sheikh

Industry Insights

Our Team will provide students with valuable insights into industry trends, opportunities, networking and professional best practices within their respective fields.

Why Us

We offer expert guidance and practical skills tailored to your career goals. Benefit from industry-relevant knowledge, personalized support, and join a community of successful students.


One-on-one coaching contextualized to your needs

Practical Skills

Develop job-ready skills in resume crafting, interviews, and networking.

Best Coaches

Experienced and highly rated coaches who care

Industry Relevance

Stay updated with industry trends and best practices for career alignment.

Know Your Mentor

How Career Development coaching can help you?

Career Development coaching focuses on identifying your unique style, strength, and development areas as a professional. If you have the technical knowledge and resources for the role, training is not the answer. You need something more customized and involved.

Career development coaching will help you prepare the resume to get shortlisted for your dream job, get ready for the interview for your target job, and get career guidance if you are in a dilemma or stuck in a rut.

Coaching makes you more self-aware. It helps you leverage your strengths and mitigate the impact of your weaknesses. A coach works with you to bring about long-term behavioral changes.

Proposed Agenda

Our comprehensive career development workshop is structured to provide you with the essential tools and strategies needed for professional success. Through a series of targeted sessions, you will:

Assessed Skills and Strengths
Evaluate your current skills and strengths to identify areas of improvement and potential career paths.
Identified KPIs and Adjusted Goals
Set key performance indicators (KPIs), monitor your progress, and adjust your goals to stay on track
Resume Crafting
Learn how to craft effective resumes and gain valuable insights into industry trends and opportunities.
Strategic Positioning
Develop strategies to position yourself effectively within your desired organizations.
Interview Preparation
Prepare for interviews with techniques and practices to boost your confidence and success rate.
Networking Strategies
Learn effective networking strategies to expand your professional connections and enhance your career opportunities.

Registrations Cost and Takeaways

Embark on your ultimate growth journey with our premium package that guarantees an unparalleled seminar experience.

  • Enhance Your Resume
  • Master Job Search
  • Stay Informed
  • Book Life Of Buddhu to Buddha
  • Placement Opportunities
  • Mock Interviews


₹ 499/-

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Rayeesa Parveen
Rayeesa Parveen
The book 'Life of Buddhu to Buddha' is really thought-provoking and transformative. It makes me feel like I'm going to become the person that I wanted to be and that creating a dream life is possible with the actions mentioned in every chapter. This book is really for a person who wants to create and live the way they want to. A must-read for people who have desires and aspirations for their life.
Ayesha Iram S
Ayesha Iram S
Self motivated, kind hearted, soft spoken person..,who inspires and also motivates the youth!..
Shuvagato Sen
Shuvagato Sen
It has been a pleasure connecting and being friends with Dr. A. Mujahid Sheikh. He is a gem in his coaching, helping people achieve new heights. He is the Indian Les Brown.
Mohammed Zeeshaan
Mohammed Zeeshaan
Attending a seminar by Mujahid Sheikh is truly transformative. With a unique ability to connect on a deeply personal level, Mujahid Sheikh combines charismatic delivery with engaging storytelling, making complex ideas both accessible and actionable. His/her authenticity and passion shine through, offering practical strategies and inspiring anecdotes that empower attendees to take charge of their lives. Every session leaves you not just motivated but equipped with the tools to implement real, positive change. Mujahid Sheikh is a beacon of hope and self-improvement, making his seminars a must for anyone looking to elevate their life. Mujahid Sheikh And Their Masterpiece The life of Buddhu to Buddha, Mujahid Sheikh has crafted a truly remarkable work with The life of Buddhu to Buddha. The book is a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration, blending personal anecdotes with universal truths in an engaging, relatable style. Each chapter offers practical advice and thought-provoking exercises that encourage reflection and growth. Mujahid Sheikh distills profound concepts into actionable guidance, making the book a comprehensive guide to living a more fulfilling life. Reading The life of Buddhu to Buddha feels like conversing with a wise friend who genuinely cares about your success, making it a must-read for anyone seeking to enhance their life and achieve their full potential.
Inchara Prakash
Inchara Prakash
The bestest human development coach where you can ever meet. In my personal experience I have gained clarity in both my personal and professional carrer that boosted my self confidence and my strength THANK YOU SO MUCH
🌟 Proud Moment 🌟 I had the incredible opportunity to spend time with Dr. A. Mujahid Sheikh sir, a true visionary and leader.He is an 😎India's leading anti-aging expert, 📚Bestselling author,👬Human development coach , 🤝 Executive mentor, 💸Multiple 8 figure creator,🧘Dream Yogi,🧒 Networking pro. His dedication and passion towards his works is simply mind-blowing. We discussed about team work and stress management, the session was truly informative and the method he conveyed the things was really outstanding. Dr. Sheikh's profound knowledge and unwavering commitment to excellence are exemplary. His work continues to shape the future, and I am honored to have had the chance to engage with him in soft-skill training at ATME College of Engineering, Mysuru

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