Certified Life Coach in India

Certified Life Coach in India

Are you an Aspirant seeking to transform your life and develop inner peace?

Through a blend of self-realization techniques, self-discipline practices and buddha’s wisdom insights, I Dr A Mujahid Sheikh a Life coach and motivational speaker dedicated to transforming your life and supporting individual on your journey towards personal growth and empowerment.

My Expertise


Topics i Discuss



Empowering individuals to transform life and ignite thought processes. Guiding individuals in every step towards personal growth and mindset transformation.



Empowering positive minds to build a success mindset and with my Goal-setting techniques for a clear vision towards a success path. Craft your future with my guidance.



Get to know how to make effective planning, overcome challenges and achieve your goals with precision to strategize your success with my guidance.



I’m Guiding aspirants to embrace integrity, and empathy to develop a growth mindset. Learn how to develop leadership skills with my insights.


Self Improvement

My proven personal growth strategies can help you conquer success in your career and develop a positive mindset.


Self Awareness

Helping you to discover your strengths and weaknesses to tackle any obstacles that come in your life and overcome your life’s complexities with my guidance.



My guidance will help you build radiant confidence with practical strategies to develop and project unwavering confidence for success.


Life Skills

As a certified life coach, I’m empowering both personally and professionally from communication to time management that helps individuals acquire life skills.

About Me

I’m Dr. A. Mujahid Sheikh

Dr A Mujahid Sheikh - Inspirational Speaker

Motivational Speaker: Empowering Individuals to transform their lives

I’m on a mission to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and focus on personal growth. I stand as a beacon of inspiration in mindset development, personal development and holistic empowerment. In both my professional and personal life, I embody values of wellness, love and compassion. Through my coaching programs, engagement workshops and life transformation book “Life of Buddhu to Buddha”. I continue to educate, inspire and uplift individuals on their paths towards personal development.

Dr A Mujahid Sheikh - Life Coach and mentor

The purpose of my life is to empower fellow beings to live a holistic life, and live life on their terms, thus creating a world full of HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and LOVE.

Dr. A. Mujahid Sheikh

My Best Selling Book

Life Of Buddhu To Buddha

A life transformational and personal development book

Drive into a transformative journey that challenges conventional beliefs and personal and professional life. This book invites you to think beyond the ordinary and embrace a mindset of growth. By delving into the contrasting archetypes of Buddhu and Buddha, this book illuminates the path to self-realization and inner strength. Explore the depths of your thought process and discover how to harness your human power to create superpowers within.

Best self help book - Life of Buddhu to Buddha by Dr A Mujahid Sheikh

Would You Like To Embark On Your Transformation Journey To Shape Your Life

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. My way of coaching is to empower you in becoming the Leader you want to be.


What Clients Are Saying

V J Minchu Anchor – Shree Kannada TV.

Dear Mujahid Sir, your enthusiasm is most contagious. You have always motivated others to accept change and leave the crack in the basement. You have brought smiles on so many faces that normally walk around with a frown all day long. Your words of wisdom were very powerful and profound, they gave us many opportunities to think and self reflect. Thank you for your enlightening talk and inspiration. Best wishes in your future endeavors. Your’s truly

Swathi Business Risk Manager.

Hello Mujahid Sir, it was lovely meeting you this afternoon. You sure are a treasure house of insightful wisdom and there is a lot to learn from you. my best wishes to you and on your journey that you have taken up to make a positive impact on lives of people. Do share your social media details and calendar of the events. Thanks again for your time and wisdom.

Kenchappa Marketing Head Unique Consumer Products.
Hospet Bellary District

Mujahid sir, the training made to gain huge business growth and learned how to manage my team, build confidence in them and enhanced dignity and expand more Business areas. Always I face difficulty in building team sprits, and I were losing strength in my team, every time I struggle to generate business, lost in leadership, and respect. Kenchappa Marketing Head Unique Consumer Products. Hospet Bellary District

Udaykumar Team Leader, Agri Products Shapur
Gulbarga district

I learned how to convince my customer in a better way and make an impact, bring more sales, become stress-free, so I can increase my incentives. Thank you so much Mujahid sir. The issues I missed many sales closure due to lack of communication and got fired from my boss many times and I keep depressed because of not able to achieve my daily, weekly, and monthly targets.

Lion Vijay Kumar. M President
Lions Club of Mysore Bandhavya

Dr. A Mujahid Sheikh guided me with a greater understanding of myself and the system needed to achieve personal success. I am grateful to have him as a mentor. He creates a comfortable environment with humor in his training with a concentrated focus, pertinent questions, and constant professionalism. The examples he uses in his coaching are really thought – provoking ones and allow for self-exploration and personal decision-making, adapt working through both professional and personal challenges. I am happy to express my gratitude.


I would express sincere thanks to Mr. Mujahid for being able to suitable care & attention to a senior citizen. A family friend having a medical condition with failing health had asked for remedy for pain & better health. I was fortunate to refer Mr. Mujahid, who by his vast experience in health management was able to diagnose the symptoms to give guidance & help the elderly gentleman recover faster. It is a pleasure to refer people for better health to you. Wish you all the best

Video Testimonials

Hear from professors who have attended Dr. Sheikh’s workshops and witness their remarkable journeys to success. Their stories are living proof of the seminar’s transformative impact.

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