I’m Dr. A. Mujahid Sheikh. I Help People Transform Their Life.

As an Executive coach for entrepreneurs, I am recognized as a significant figure in personal development, life transformation and holistic empowerment. Over the past five and a half decades, I’ve evolved as a leader in inspiring individuals to unleash their potential and embrace lives of great significance. Along this path, I’ve embraced self-discovery and personal growth as fundamental aspects, shaping my approach to empowerment and transformation.

Personal Life

In my sphere, I reflect values such as love, compassion and camaraderie. As a committed son, encouraging brother, caring husband, responsible father and uplifting friend to millions of people around the globe. My genuine kindness and consistent support have garnered trust and earned me a reputation as a reliable confidant and compassionate mentor. Apart from my family roles, my focus is on personal growth and spiritual discovery. Embracing spiritually, mindfulness and yoga as integral components of my daily regimen, I cultivate inner peace, clarity and harmony, navigating life’s complexities with resilience. This ongoing journey of self-discovery and growth is a testament to my unwavering dedication to spiritual development, rooted in ancient wisdom and applied through practical insights tailored for today’s lifestyles.

Professional Endeavours

Professionally, I’m a versatile leader with a diverse range of achievements. I specialize as a Human Development coach, Business Transformation strategist, executive coach for entrepreneurs and India’s leading anti-ageing expert. Through these capacities, I mentor individuals on their journey of self-discovery, personal growth and holistic empowerment. My primary mission revolves around “Wellness for Happy Living” empowering individuals to live fulfilling lives, nurturing both professional and personal realms.

I use my in-depth knowledge and practical experience as a renowned authority in entrepreneurship, leadership empowerment, and business coaching to mentor seasoned company leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs toward long-term success and growth. I enable people to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, develop a growth mindset, and take brave, direct action toward achieving their professional goals and dreams through my transformative coaching programs and seminars. I mentor both executives and entrepreneurs in this process.

Empowering Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Business Coaching

I use my extensive knowledge base and real-world experience as a well-known expert in business mentoring, coaching for leadership, and entrepreneurship to guide aspiring business owners and seasoned corporate executives toward long-term success and expansion. I help identify their own advantages, get beyond obstacles, and take advantage of opportunity chances in today’s competitive business climate by combining tried-and-true strategies with innovative thinking.

By my creative coaching programs and seminars, I encourage people to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, develop a growth mindset, and commit to take bold decisive action toward their career goals and desires. My in-depth knowledge of market dynamics and consumer behaviour empowers me to offer clients the information, assets, and skills they need to succeed in a changing business climate.

International Speaker & Networking Expert

I’m in high demand as a networking specialist and international speaker because of my engaging talks, thought-provoking workshops, and inspiring leadership seminars. People from all walks of life are inspired and motivated by my captivating stage presence and natural ability to connect with audiences on a profound level, to realize their full potential and pursue their objectives with unflinching dedication.

I impart insightful knowledge gained from my own journey of professional and personal development through my speeches and interactive workshops. I provide doable tactics and guidance for conquering challenges, grasping chances, and attaining remarkable outcomes in all spheres of life. Whether I’m speaking to a large crowd or a small group of people, my goal is to make a lasting impression on everyone who has the opportunity to hear my message of life alteration.

Inspirational Speaker - Dr A Mujahid Sheikh

The purpose of my life is to empower fellow beings to live a holistic life, and live life on their terms, thus creating a world full of HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and LOVE.

Recognition & Awards

Over the course of my journey, I’ve  been privileged to receive numerous awards and honours for my contribution to personal development, wellness advocacy, and entrepreneur empowerment. Recognitions like “YOGA SIRI”, “KARUNADA KANMINI”, “DRUVATARE”,  “KARNATAKADA RATNA”, “KANNADA VIKASA RATNA”, “NATIONAL SEVA RATNA” to the esteemed title of “HONORARY DOCTORATE” from the Indian Empire University highlight my dedication to excellence and innovation across all the aspects of my work.


India's Leading Anti-Aging Expert

Along the way, I’ve also pioneered advances in the field of wellness and anti-aging, with a focus on holistic vitality and wellness. In addition to being a well-known author, thought-provoking leader, and winner of multiple honors and awards, I also contribute to personal growth, wellness advocacy, and entrepreneurship empowerment, making a positive impact on a world full of love, happiness, and health. I inspire and empower people from all walks of life to realize their full potential and follow their objectives with unshakable resolve.

Continued Learning & Growth

Despite my vast experience and accomplishments, my focus on continuous learning and personal growth remains steadfast. Engaging proactively in practical education and professional growth, through my commitment to continuous learning, I aspire to inspire others to embrace growth mindsets and embark on their paths to self-discovery and mastery.

Legacy & Impact

My core mission is to leave behind a legacy of health, happiness and love for future generations. Through coaching, speaking, writing and philanthropy, I strive to empower people to lead purposeful lives, contributing to a more compassionate world.

Wellness for Happy Living

Mujahid is with 10+ years of experience in Transforming People’s Life in the theme of “Wellness for Happy Living.” And creating the best version of ourselves and moving up to the next level of transformation (Multidimensional) is the right choice.


Physical Well-being

Rejuvenate the body, feel alive, experience superior life, cellular nourishment, right food habits, have a flexible, balanced & stronger body, and so on.


Mental Wellbeing

Positive Mental Attitude, calming mind, involvement in empowering activities, setting up the intention, developing focus for the high level of quality & learning the system & tools to take your life to the next level.


Social Wellbeing

Add value to other people’s life, Contribution, and Persuasive conversational skills.


Economical Wellbeing

Setting up goals, creating beyond imagination, mastering money, Creating automated organization & saving to invest instead of saving to save.


Intellectual Wellbeing

We help to think out of the box by bringing awareness about dreams instead of allowing discussing reality and creating a blueprint for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE projects.


Spiritual Wellbeing

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I am the Founder and CEO of “Wellness For Happy Living” Based in Mysore. This Revolutionary system of Wellness leads us from Success to Significance. And Our Idea of WellNess Is to Rejuvenate the Body, Mind, and Soul by feeling Alive to a Superior Life.

Our cellular Nourishment {Food and Food Supplements} Therapy through Ayurveda and Nature with Positive Edge That Covers from Head to Toe to deliver the deserved action on the Right Pathway to healthy Living.

Our Focus is on a Healthy Lifestyle, Nourishing the Body’s Food, and Relaxed Life to the fullest to live young and rich.

As a Health Promoter, I’m responsible for directing all aspects of the Healthy strategy, growth, and worldwide expansion of Wellness Systems. I’ve been instrumental in the association of the wellness community and establishing it all over the world.

I encourage my team to create development plans and work with the system to practice wellness career goals and aspirations, and at the same time, support them by providing the best tools and bespoke associate systems to ensure their success.

I describe the Wellness revolution as a fast-paced culture; an outcomes-focused industry, with an emphasis to empower the best professional services.

Dr. A. Mujahid Sheikh

My Principles

Relaxed Life to live fullest & Live young at ripe old age. – MOVE UP from SURVIVAL to CREATING LIFE


As Wellness Practitioner, I help my fellow beings to understand the Healthy Life for Happy Living and Coach others to become Wealthy Personalities by experiencing Health, Love, legacy, and financial freedom.


Our Mission Is To Revolutionize WellNess in the Society, And We Believe in our Dreams. Dreams are for a reason.


Flexibility is my core attitude to the present community, and we commit to see the change for a healthy community.

My Attitude

I am Happy, and I am On Top of The World


“A Change Of Self is needed more than a change of world scene“


A positive and Productive Mental Attitude Is the only key to our success of healthy Life for Happy Living.


“Empowering people to Own Health at optimal level”

Physical Health

A System of Exercise, Practiced to Promote, Control the Body And Mind to calm down. And this is based on scientific principles and on the physical movements that Unlock Our Potential Conducting the “Lifestyle Transformation” Workshop for people of our Community. Because Growth and Development of the World, Nation, Society, Organization, and Individual Come out of Transformation.

My Area Of Training, Coaching and Mentoring

  • Yoga
  • Breathing System
  • Relaxation
  • PMA
  • Approach to Life
  • LAW {Ancient Indian Wisdom} 
  • Detoxification
  • Balancing
  • Strengthening
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Monkey Mind to Unicorn Mind
  • Use Will to build New Skills
  • Understanding Pain Point – Experience Pleasure Point
  • Think WHY our task is not matching our Outcome level
  • What Triggers you when you get the reward
  • Mahabharata of DOUBT, FEAR, AND ANGER.
  • Strategic Evolution
  • Business Mastery
  • Agile Decision-Making
  • Financial Fitness
  • Leadership Excellence
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